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Mobile cone crushing station

Mobile cone crushing station

The cone mobile crushing station is mainly used in the field of medium and fine crushing operations. In sand and gravel production operations, sand and gravel products with high hardness and finer grain size are produced according to different stone and finished product uses. The cone crusher can be adjusted to different crushing cavity types according to the actual needs, which expands the application field and scope of the medium crushing cone mobile crushing plant.

Main features: Fexible and convenient;strong maneuverability; Save a lot of capital construction

Feeding Size: 35-100mm Capacity: 70-250tph

Multiple models for selection, can be customized according to customer requirements

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The Introduction Of Mobile cone crushing station

All the equipment of the cone mobile crushing station is vehicle-mounted, including the main equipment cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc., which has high flexibility and strong maneuverability, and can save a lot of capital construction, demolition, and transition costs.  The cone mobile crushing station is suitable for crushing materials with medium and above hardness.  The main machine has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, large processing capacity, convenient adjustment, and low operation cost.
The cone mobile crushing station greatly expands the conceptual field of medium crushing and fine crushing operations.  Its design concept is to stand in the position of the customer, the crushing site, the environment, and the complexity of the basic configuration of the obstacles brought to the customer's crushing operations, as the primary solution.  It provides customers with simple, low-cost project operation hardware facilities.  The cone mobile crushing station is suitable for construction waste mobile crushing station, and mining area mobile crushing operations.

Mobile cone crushing stationMobile cone crushing stationMobile cone crushing station

Features Of Mobile cone crushing station

  • The scheme design of mobile crushing stations is flexible and diverse, which can realize "one household, one design, one household, one scheme" according to the different needs of different customers.
  • The mobile crushing station has strong adaptability and flexible configuration, and can carry out customized process design according to the nature of raw materials, output, and finished product specifications of customers;
  • The mobile crushing station integrates the functions of feeding, crushing, crushing, screening, etc. Through combination and orderly arrangement, the overall spatial layout of the mobile crushing station is more reasonable and compact, saving the working space and avoiding the problems of too long and too wide production lines;
  • The mobile crushing station can realize from a single application to multiple online applications, and meet the larger production needs of customers.


Model Cone crusher vibrating screen Number of axles Power(Kw) Capacity Transportation dimensions (mm)
ZSLY-P1200-3YK1860 CS1200 3YK1860 2 180 70-180 12600*3000*4300
ZSLY-P1400-3YK2160 CS1400 3YK2160 3 275 100-220 13800*3000*4400
ZSLY-CH430-3YK1860 CH430 3YK1860 2 210 80-180 13500*3000*4400
ZSLY-C440-3YK2160 CH440 3YK2160 3 275 120-250 13800*3000*4400
ZSLY-P200-3YK1860 HP200 3YK1860 2 210 80-180 12800*3000*4300
ZSLY-P300-3YK2160 HP300 3YK2160 3 275 120-250 13500*3000*4400

*Note:Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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