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Vertical Mill

Vertical Mill Designed for materials with a Mohs hardness level of 7 or lower and humidity of up to 6%, this mill excels at grinding and processing non-flammable and non-explosive materials. Whether you're in the cement industry, construction, or power generation, this equipment ensures precise results. It's also ideal for industries like metallurgy processing and the chemical sector, where grinding solutions are pivotal.

Main features: High efficiency;Less wear and tear;layout compact

Feeding Size: 0-70mm Capacity: 70-720tph

Multiple models for selection, can be customized according to customer requirements

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The Introduction Of Vertical Mill

This vertical grinding machine is a versatile solution, combining crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection, and conveying into a single unit. Widely adopted in industries like cement production equipment, construction material machinery, power engineering machinery, metallurgy processing machines, and chemical industry grinding solutions, it caters to the diverse needs of these sectors, offering an efficient solution for grinding various solid materials.

From steel slag mill to water slag grinding, and even graphite grinding solutions, this mill covers a wide range. It handles materials like coal, kaolin, barite, fluorite, and talc, along with challenging substances such as petroleum coke and calcium ash. Whether it's silica limestone, gypsum, phosphate ore, or marble, the mill's versatile design caters to non-metallic minerals.

Vertical MillVertical MillVertical Mill

Features Of Vertical Mill

  • Achieve high-efficiency grinding with low energy consumption.
  • Minimize metal consumption per unit, optimizing production costs.
  • Embrace the advanced dust control technology, promoting a cleaner workspace.
  • Simplify operations with a user-friendly process flow that encompasses grinding, drying, and powder selection.


Specification Diameter of Millstone
Median Diameter of Roller
Quantity of Roller
Stansard Installed Power
Standard Ability
VM2230 2200  1400  550 70 
VM2630 2600  1600  790 100 
VM2830 2800  1750  900 115 
VM3030 3000  1700  1000 120 
VM3230 3200  1500  1400 160 
VM3430 3400  1500  1600 180 
VM3641 3600  1600  1800 200 
VM3841 3800  1700  1900 230 
VM4041 4000  1800  2240 260 
VM4341 4300  1900  2500 310 
VM4641 4600  2060  3150 350 
VM4841 4800  2240  3350 390 
VM5041 5000  2360  3500 420 
VM5341 5300  2500  3800 470 
VM5641 5600  2600  4500 540 
VM5961 5900  2600  5000 610 
VM6341 6300  2700  6000 720 

*Note:Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

FAQs for Vertical Mill

Are you manufacture or trading company?

We are factory, established in 1983.

What is your payment method??

30% deposit in T/T advance, 70% balance before shipment. other method, you can talk our sale manager.

How long is your delivery time?

7-10 days for the stock, 15-30 days for the mass production.

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